Just another manic Monday…and Tuesday

The beginning of this week has been hectic and intense at work ; but I love my job as it is important and I matter to people. So it is ok. Especially since I needed to keep my mind occupied away from the heart break I’m going through. I sincerely doubt if I will ever find some one who can love of all me and be happy with me …,I guess I’m just too complicated…

Monday evening after work I met up with some friends to go out for a ride with our motorbikes while the weather was nice . It turned out to be a really nice ride and I got to know go other girls a bit more 🙏🏽

Today at work I felt I mattered. I also followed a student of mine to an important meeting as support and then I held two meetings before going home really late .

I ended the day with a coffee with a close friend talking about life.

Ängla on her own mc for our first lesson

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