This morning I went to the gym again to train legs. I was feeling really low but met a good friend of mine there . He managed to get me to laugh although I didn’t think I’d ever laugh again . He managed to take my mind off things for a while .

Then I hurried home to go and buy a terrarie with Ängla for our snake who lives to sneak out. We needed a net for it and I was lucky enough to have a friend deliver me one at home saving me a trip. He cake in his motorbike as we had planned to go for a trip with some others . We went on a nice trip and had coffee at Markan. Before going home I passed by the churchyard to say hi to mum .

Now it’s time to take it easy. Just passed by the store and now I’m at the gym as my phone continues to make trouble for me when I want to write my blog. Now Tobbe has helped me once more and I hope it’ll work from now on. Now going back home for a bath and a glass of cava … or maybe I need two ☺️

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