Training nowadays: In my spare time: I have trained at the gym for 30 years now. I used to compete at professional level as a female bodybuilder but nowadays my focus is to train for health and spend time with my kids. I am also a referee for IFBB when I feel I have time. 

What a rewarding year – Thank you for your trust and support #BetterBodies, #GASP and #SmartShake, this is what makes us grow. I plan to push forward until every user knows there’s no better products than yours! 

I have used Better Bodies gym wear since I started training when I was 20. They have always had such wide range of clothing and usually I have first used the clothes in every day life, or at work as they are so nice looking and at the same time comfy. Then after a while I have started to use them at the gym. Nowadays I use them a lot at work , when out driving my Harley and at the gym. I really like the different t-shirts and long tops that were more common a few years ago, but I know they have promised me from the headquarters that they will return to those type of clothing soon again. I think many of the tops today are very short and mainly for young women. But face it, all of us that have trained a lot but maybe have had a child or two or three like me, we want nice tops but not show our belly all year around. Also the new tights with high waist appeal a lot to me for the same reason and I hope they are here to stay. 

Gasp is a brand mainly for men but since I am a big girl with lots of muscles I really like their clothes too. I absolutely love the gym sweat pants that are made of cotton and so comfy. I wear those the year around, at work, when out walking and at the gym. The t-shirts and tops from gasp are great too and I can wear all their clothing in size medium. 

Smartshake started to get big when I started to get big. I have known the founder Mikael Bergström for ages and have followed his way to success close. He is a great person, with a wonderful wife as well and I am really happy that he is doing so well. He deserves it and his shakers have always been of high quality and nice looking. I really love the new rock shakers; I am a rock girl and they are great. And I know the shakers coming up will be even cooler and have a special meaning to me for some reasons I can’t tell without saying too much. You who know me will smile and understand once the theme is out in the open. I will be with them in front row promoting them so watch out for news in here.